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They make perfumes, We create memories

Atyab Al Marshoud is a multi-generation company that was established in 1925, one of the oldest in the perfume industry in Kuwait and the GCC.The late Sulaiman Al Marshoud, founded Atyab Al Marshoud in 1925 and was the first fragrance company established in the Gulf. Atyab Al Marshoud has now carried on by his family over the decades. The new generation has successfully added a modern edge without losing the historic and traditional aspects that are at the core of Atyab Al Marshoud. We have also modernized our scents from the traditional and authentic Bakhoor and oud, creating a unique collection of fragrances that satisfies the different tastes of our ever-growing clientele. In the last 5 years, we have expanded in the GCC with over 56 branches and have just opened our newest store in Knightsbridge, London which is our first branch out of the GCC. All our fragrances are manufactured in our factory in France, as our main priority is to produce the best quality fragrances in the region.

  • Unit Number: GK 38


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