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Thai Fresh Fruits (Kiosk)

Thai Fresh Fruits “taste the freshness of fruits” that are originally produced in Thailand.

  • Contact Number : 0589810227
  • Unit Number :


Served With Our Quality Treat

Our journey of sweetness started in the year September 2018, incorporating two great market-leading companies Sheera, which started in the year 2016 and Lateen which started in the year 2015, which delivered high-quality sweets, pastries and chocolates. We have prolonged experience in serving our customers with good quality food products bringing happiness to their cherished moments. In 2018, both companies decided to get together and grow to bring out the best products in the market. We set a journey to uplift our customer satisfaction from the level loyal to royal. Together with great ideas and thoughts from our team, we produced the finest quality products. We also prioritized delivering fresh quality products to fulfil the customer happiness as they deserve the quality in every bite.

  • Contact Number: 971 54 345 0679
  • Unit Number: GK 09

Lebanese Palace (Kiosk)

Organic foodstuff from the Arab Culture.

  • Contact Number: 050 756 7677
  • Unit Number: GK28
  • Contact Number:

Avatar Cotton Candy (Kiosk)

Glowed Cotton Candy Art

Enjoy a classic delicious, fluffy treat with a new modern twist. The cotton candy is spun around a L.E.D glow cone that makes your sweet treat come alive. The cotton candy is spun from our L.E.D glow bar by one of our attendants with a glowing smile. We have a variety of flavors to choose from including our new gourmet flavors such as caramel, pear, or even coconut!

  • Unit Number: FK63

Forty Fruity (Kiosk)

Goodness In Every Sip

Forty Fruity serves a selection of Juices, Acai and Desserts. Their best-selling dishes are Hambana, Samba, Cinderella and Mango Paradise, along with a variety of dishes and meals to choose from.

  • Contact Number: +971 55 699 4484
  • Unit Number: FK 7


The Ice Cream Dream

Mini Melts ice cream is a beautiful and delicious product. We are able to make such a great product, by using leading edge technology and the best ingredients. Mini Melts is manufactured across the world, using specialized high-tech equipment. The finest quality of ingredients makes Mini Melts one of the best ice cream products around the globe. We also make water-based ice cream balls, with exciting flavors for you, when you wish to cool down. Mini Melts is shaped like miniature pearls and comes in a wide variety of colors and flavors. The pearl-shape makes it easy and quick to serve, to maximize sales at a site. It also makes it cleaner than ordinary ice creams, especially with young kids.

  • Unit Number: FK 52



We make our Original Glazed Doughnut the way we always have. Because it’s the right way. The fun way. And we love doing it that way for you – our customer.

  • Unit Number: GK 19


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