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Region’s First Gourmet Popcorn

Let’s Popcorn is one of the first regional Gourmet Popcorn brands in 2011 in Kuwait with exclusive 50+ unique flavors of popcorn. Our motto is very simple – to create a healthy and delicious snack which is suitable for the entire family. Our organic corn is imported from America and locally prepared with its own secret recipes and most importantly; it is committed to the best value of each popcorn kernels, highest quality ingredients and healthiest cooking method. Each set of Let’s Popcorn bag is masterfully created with passion and filled with utmost care. All our flavors are air-popped (entirely Oil-Free), which helps to retain the maximum nutrition for each popcorn kernel. The result – a yummy bag of Popcorn that doesn’t taste like a Popcorn. Need we say more? Visit our kiosk on the ground floor to relish some delicious and healthy gourmet popcorn!

  • Unit Number: GK19


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